In 1960 the founder of the company, Mr. Ioannis Petalas, began very humbly, as a peddler in the villages of Thessaly, along with his 10-year-old son, Konstantinos Petala, who faithfully followed his father's footsteps. Then, and until 1970, they continued to trade fruit and vegetables by doing business with the professionals of farmer’s markets.

In 1970 they took the initiative to open a district greengrocer's store.

In 1986, after the end of his military service, Mr. Konstantinos Petalas at the age of 24 took the first steps in the wholesale market by renting a store in the then vegetable market (Fortress of Larissa).

In 1992, the company started importing.

In 1994 the first privately-owned shop was purchased at the existing vegetable market of Larissa.

In 1999, a 1,600-square-meter packing chamber was built which includes:

  1. Refrigerators for the preservation of goods
  2. Banana ripening chambers
  3. Goods selecting chambers

In 2000 a new expansion took place with a second consecutive store in the area of the vegetable market.

In 2006, a complete renovation of the 2 owned stores of the vegetable market and transformation into preservation areas (refrigerators) was completed.

In 2015, a complete renovation of its own facilities (packaging chamber) was completed with state-of-the-art ripening machines for ripening bananas (ripening chambers) and upgrading of refrigeration areas.

The company PETALAS FRUITS is based on the maximum product quality from selection and purchase, storage, and delivery to the customer.
The know-how and experience of so many years has made the company an integral part of the market.
Competitive prices make the company unique in its field.


For the last 62 years, PETALAS FRUITS has been supplying fresh fruits and vegetables both in the Greek market and abroad.

Our long experience in the field covers the needs of today's era.

Our suppliers are Greek producers and foreign production and trading houses. Our customers are supermarket chains, wholesalers of the Thessalian market as well as the rest of Greece.

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The personal care of Mr.Petalas from the selection and purchase of the products until their receipt by our customers, as well as the competitive prices, render our company unique in its field.